Wednesday, April 9, 2014

                                                                           April 9
                                                                          Letter G

     My movie for the letter G is Gremlins. I actually enjoyed this movie. It creeped me out, but I enjoyed it. It tells the story of a Christmas Holiday when mysterious little animals are accidentally let loose in a small town. Even though I know what he's capable of, I want Gizmo! He is just so cute!

     My book for the letter G is Gone. The first book by Michael Grant in the series. I am currently on book four at the moment and I am totally hooked. These books follow the traumatic experiences of teens and children who are the only ones left in their city. Every grown up or kid over fifteen has disappeared and no one knows why. Now, kids are starting to gain unusual power. It's really exciting and quite addicting. I suggest you buy this book if you ever see it.

     My hero for the letter G is Groot. I don't know much about him except that he is an alien. He has the body of a tree and the height of one too. He' in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie that Marvel is coming out with. He'll be played by (My Mother's Boyfriend) Vin Diesel.

     What do you think of my selection for the letter G? Come back tomorrow for the letter H. I'll try not to fall behind again.

                                                                       April 8
                                                                       Letter F

     My letter for the letter F is Frozen. I love this movie! It shows that family love is just as powerful as a romantic love. A really great message and a really great story. My sibling and I can pretty much quote this whole thing. And we sing the songs 24/7. Olaf is my favorite character, hands down.

     My book for the letter F is Friday Lunch. This story was written by a very special person, Vanessa Hancock. It tells the stories of four grown women who get together on a Friday once a month to have lunch. It follows them as they handle the challenges in their lives and their connections with God. A really good read. I recommend it to everyone.

     My hero for the letter F is Falcon. This guy has wings that extend down his uniform and help him fly. He can also shoot of feathers that act as darts towards his enemies. I think he is really cool. Falcon appears in the new Captain America movie as a fellow S.H.E.I.L.D. Agent. He teams up with Cap. to kick some bad guy butt.

     What did you think about my selection for the letter F? I'll be posting today's post for the letter G in a moment.
                                                                          April 7
                                                                        Letter E

     Sorry it has taken a while for me to post this. I'm falling a bit behind.

     My movie for the letter E is Ever After. This is a Cinderella Story set in England after the New World was discovered. It stars Drew Barrymore who plays Danielle De Barbarac who dresses like a noble in order to rescue a fellow slave from being sent to America. In doing so, she attracts the attention of a royal prince. Such a good movie.

     My book for the letter E is Eragon. This book was written by Christopher Paolini and is about a young farm boy who finds a mysterious blue stone in a dark forest. When the stone turns out to be a dragon egg, which produces a small baby dragon for him to take care of, Eragon's world is flipped upside down. This is the first book in the Inheritance Cycle and I highly recommend reading it.

     I really couldn't find a superhero that I knew anything about, so my hero for the letter E is Elastigirl. She's featured in Disney/pixar's the Incredibles. A movie about a family of superheroes who have to hide their powers from the world. This girl is awesome. She takes care of her family and is still able to take some bad guys down with ease.

     What did you think about my selection for the letter E? Make sure to come back later on today when I'll catch up with my other posts.